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Our company tries to ensure that all Mac users are able to get the best experience, and that is why we recommend our customers to use the apps and software that we recommend. We ourselves are Mac users that is why everything that we do and recommend is through experience. That is why if you only go for the apps listed on our website, then you will be able to keep your Mac safe.

… And A Few Facts About Original Slowy App

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Original Slowy App is neither longer developed nor updated. Apple has decided to remove the system tool (ipfw) that Slowy used to alter the network connection. The newcomer, pf, is more powerful but it is missing some of the key features that Slowy needed to properly function. Scroll down for alternatives.

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Mac computers are some of the most popular computers in the world. There are many people who use them and that is why it is important to keep them at their best.

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