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Who we are

Mac computers are some of the most popular computers in the world. There are many people who use them and that is why it is important to keep them at their best. There are many applications that can help you make your Mac more productive and utilitarian, however finding them can be a little difficult. Our company Slowy App will be able to help you learn more about the MacBooks and over all Mac OS. We ourselves are Mac users that is why everything that we do and recommend is through experience.

Our Mission

Our company tries to ensure that all Mac users are able to get the best experience, and that is why we recommend our customers to use the apps and software that we recommend. The internet is full of different software that claim to be effective, however we all know that many of them contain viruses. That is why if you only go for the apps listed on our website, then you will be able to keep your Mac safe.

Our Expert Recommendation

We provide a wide array of software, apps, and productivity reviews and tips


Internet Bandwith

The internet bandwidth is one of the most important things today. That is why you must ensure that you are getting the complete bandwidth from your internet provider for which you are paying. Keeping track of the internet bandwidth is important and for that you might want to use some software and programs. There are many tools and software that you can use in order to monitor the bandwidth of your internet connection.


There are many useful apps for the Mac that can make your computer much more useful and usable. Launch Bar is a launcher that prevents the user from rooting around in different folders. The app efficiently indexes the apps according to preference, it lists and catalogs things like contacts, files, preference panes and more. In order to access the Launch Bar, you only need to press a short cut key. Then you can easily open any preferred app just by typing its name and pressing Return. The app also allows the user to do a quick a Google search whenever it is needed instead of opening the browser and doing it from there.

There are many more such apps that are good for the Mac and if you take it from us, then you will surely be pleased as we only recommend software and apps after thoroughly testing and using them. One such software is Net Monitor, the best feature of Net Monitor is that it is compatible with many different kinds of network interfaces. It also notifies the user whenever the network speeds reach a certain level. Downloading this software is very easy and that is why you should get it as soon as possible.

Useful Websites

There are many website on the internet that should help you find all of the applications that you will ever need. Developers upload new apps on the App Store almost every day, but the App Store does not help you find the best deals. Here you will find some website that you can refer in order to find the top app deals for your Mac. If you are a Mac user, then you will know that it gets many useful deals and discounts. However, finding those deals on time can sometimes become rather difficult, especially when you do not know where to look. It is true that everyone loves discounts, whether it is on household things, electronic gadgets or more, this is because discounts help a lot.


Some of the most important kinds of software that Mac users should have are bandwidth monitors. Monitoring network bandwidth is important and recommended. In this way, it becomes easier for the user to identify bottlenecks and also find the actual speed of the internet. In this way the user can learn that whether he is getting the internet for which he paid or not. There are many tools and software that you can use in order to monitor the bandwidth of your internet connection.

It is important to keep track of your internet bandwidth, especially because it helps you find out when you are not getting the right amount of speeds. All of these software are helpful, that is why you can download anyone and get the best experience.

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